New Direction / New Focus

Hello friends and followers!

I’m sure you have noticed that this blog has been dormant for a few months. I had a life change which took my interest in another direction for a while. Ultimately though, I believe this has been for the best. These months have given me time to reflect on the purpose of this blog and to really define what I should focus on.

For a long time this space was my creative outlet, a place where I could explore artistic themes and movements, share writing, travels, fashion and photography. But with being short on time to spend online, I just wasn’t finding content as readily. So after some reflection, I’ve decided to get more serious about using this space as it should be used: as a tool for my business.

Going forward I will be writing on topics related to small businesses and how they can benefit from a website, branding, or social media, all services which I offer and subjects about which that I am passionate.

Some things that will stick around are posts on art and design since it is related to and inspiration for the design work that I do. I will also share limited personal posts as well, since I am the face of my business and I want you to know who I am.

I will be archiving a lot of old posts. As of time of writing, I have 8 years worth of posts which I am combing through and I have archived nearly half so far!  Some posts I’ll miss and others really added no value anyway.

And since I’m making changes, I want to use Instagram better and post in between blog notices.  If you follow Dionne Design on Instagram already, you may have noticed the teaser Stories this week full of quotes about focus, a subject which I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

I’ve also set up a mailing list which you can sign up for on the right hand side bar. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you! I plan to send periodic roundups of my blog posts as well as other articles from around the web which will be useful to small businesses.  You will also be the first to hear about promotions and updates.

As a final note, for personal friends who have followed this blog for the artsy articles, don’t worry, you will still find some interesting posts from time to time!

Next up, I let you know about the big life change to which I referred and what it means for potential clients.

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