Mirage House

“Mirage” is an art installation by Doug Aiken which takes the form of a single-story ranch house in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains, wrapped inside and out in mirrored surfaces. From certain angles the house disappears almost completely …

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Island Time

Pegge Hopper’s work reminds me so much of Paul Gauguin… And I am a huge Gauguin fan!  I packed a poster of this painting in my suitcase and brought it to Guyana, South America with me in 1996 to make …

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Recreating the Movies

I’m a huge fan of the flat lay– carefully curated objects displayed in a pleasing way, generally photographed from above. These have become more and more popular as Instagram and fashion blogging have become more mainstream. I equally love a …

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Heir to Hopper

The image above stopped me in my tracks. It immediately looked like Edward Hopper but the girl and train were so modern! With some minor research, I discovered that the artist is Englishman-turned-New-Yorker Nigel Van Wieck and he has a …

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