In Shades

In Shades is a weekly illustrated short fiction online magazine helmed by husband and wife team James Vincent (words) and Marina Esmeraldo (illustration).  They also accept story submissions. The magazine publishes two types of stories: short stories– which handily inform …

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Baby Jane on the Aisle

“Bangs manes bouffant beehives Beatle caps butter faces brush-on lashes decal eyes puffy sweaters French thrust bras flailing leather blue jeans stretch pants stretch jeans honeydew bottoms eclair shanks elf boots ballerinas Knight slippers, hundreds of them, these flaming little …

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always i am i and you are you

“Listen,” F. Jasmine said. “What I’ve been trying to say is this. Doesn’t it strike you as strange that I am I, and you are you? I am F. Jasmine Addams. And you are Berenice Sadie Brown. And we can …

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