Social media is a key component to connecting independent businesses with potential customers and clients, yet so many businesses treat social media as an afterthought, posting sporadically or tacking this important marketing task on to another job.

A social media manager can streamline the process and help you develop a strategy for maximum growth. Here’s how I can help you!



This initial conversation helps me to determine your goals and develop strategies which will help you reach those goals.


I will develop a customized 3-month social media strategy, taking into account special events to be promoted, campaigns, and stock posts to keep your audience engaged.


Great photography is key to social media engagement! I provide iPhone photography services, consultations, or can arrange a professional photographer for special photo shoots.

Image Sourcing

I gather stock photos to match your brand aesthetic as well as repost images from other Instagram users, which has the added benefit of increasing engagement.


Social media is a two way street so as you publish content and receive comments from your audience, you also need to interact by responding to your clients. I can take over this task, alerting you to any comments that require a response directly from you.

Post Scheduling

Instagram posts will be scheduled a week or two our using Later which you will be able to access and review before they go live.

Captions & Optimization

All posts will be optimized with well-written captions, optimized with captions, hashtags, and location tags which are key to increasing your visibility.

Influencer Outreach

Social media influcencers can increase your visibility. If appropriate for your business, I will find appropriate influcencers for you to partner with and negotiate terms which work for everyone.

Interested in learning how I can help you with your social media needs?  Fill out this quick survey for a free consultation!