3 Things I Did to Elevate my Business in 2021

1 Elevated Client Process

This is so important! I designed a suite of beautiful and useful documents and web pages which guide clients through the design process. Clients are loving it! And I find they are much more comfortable and confident in the process and there are fewer points of friction. ⁠

2 Elevated Brand Design

So many times designers forget to work on their own brands! This year I not only updated my logo and brand assets, I elevated the whole brand by how I show up across all social media channels. ⁠

3 Elevated brand mockups

Mockups are so key for clients to see what their logo and brand assets will look like in the real world. This past year I elevated the quality and quantity of mockups I use and I can really see a difference in how the brand design is received and perceived by clients.⁠

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