A Rest From Our Labor

A Rest From Our Labor


We never really strategized our anniversary weekend to fall on Labor Day Weekend but I’m sure glad it does! Even if, like this year, taking a week off is an impossibility, at least you get those three days.

We stayed again at the  Lighthouse Lane Cottages in Rockport, spending time grilling out, going to Good Harbor Beach, and dining out on fried seafood at the Lobster Pool.

We also took a day to go back to Portland to shop and eat. We returned to our honeymoon favorites: Duck Fat for poutine, Hugo’s for craft cocktails, and Dean’s Sweets for truffles. This time we met friends at a new place for dinner, Local 188, chosen for its Spanish tapas and paella.

Oh! And not that it’s all about the food but, in celebration, we brought with us this amazing passion fruit cake from the Danish Pastry House in Medford. I bought one candle to symbolize our one year and, come to find out, it was a trick candle so I ended up tricking myself! Obviously, I’m a novice at this sort of thing…
As is the case with most mini-breaks, this one wasn’t nearly long enough. Still, it did have its intended result which was to give us a rest from our labor and refresh us for the new “year” ahead!

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