Are You Too Busy to Instagram?

Are You Too Busy to Instagram?

You know you should be posting to Instagram to support your business but you don’t have time, you don’t know where to start, [insert other valid reason here].

Marketing on Instagram doesn’t have to be a burden.  You can get maximum impact with minimal effort on your Instagram posts, and all from your smart phone.

Photo Sourcing

Since Instagram is such a visual medium, the image you choose is essential.  But what if you’re not a photographer or your business doesn’t lend itself to the visual,? You can source images on free stock photo sites like Unsplash or Burst which have royalty-free photos which aren’t overly posed like traditional stock photos. Just type in some of your keywords and see what comes up!

If you set up an account with these sites, you can collect photos so that you’re ready to go whenever you want to use one. You can download the images right to your phone, then just add text and you’re ready to go!

Adding Text to Photos

There are quite a few apps which allow you to add text to photos, right on your phone.  One that I like to use is Over. It has a lot of options for font style, font color, etc, even curving the text. They also have templates with pre-formatted text and shapes that you can use to create professional graphics.

Another cheat way to add text to photos, is to open the Story portion of Instagram, select a photo, add the text on top and then save the image, without posting it.

Save and schedule

Did you know that Instagram allows you to save drafts of posts? Just compose the post as usual but just before you get to the screen that allows you to post, click the back arrow and it will ask you if you want to save it as a draft. Save it and then use it another day.

If you want a more comprehensive scheduling tool, Later is an app (and website interface) which allows you to set up your Instagram posts ahead of time, scheduling them for a specific day and time. Later also allows you to save all your hashtags so you can just click a button to add them all. The desktop version has a lot more features including tracking your engagement.

With these resources, you can create amazing content for your Instagram account with very little cost or time!

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