Bite Sized Pieces

Bite Sized Pieces

I usually like to start off a post like this with a quote but all the ones I found about New York City were either worshipful or damning. Neither extreme articulated my feelings about the city.

New York is a complicated city and people have fierce and complicated reactions to it. Everything is bigger and badder and faster than anywhere else. I once heard a quote that if a city if makes you hard, you know something is happening in it. New York is exactly the type of city which could make a person hard, unfeeling. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” they say, implying that you have to be tough or become tough to stay. No thank you, I say. If that’s what it takes, you can keep it.

New York of course can be intimidating and only came to terms with it when I realized that most New Yorkers take it in bite-sized pieces. As as a flood of friends fled Boston for New York, I came to appreciate each of their own little bite sized pieces of the city. Trips to New York now aren’t about seeing all the touristy sites but about cozy breakfasts at the homes of friends, early mornings picking up groceries at the bodega, peeping street art, or a night out wherever your friends recommend with whoever you can gather.

Here are some photos of a recent New York experience:


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