Build Your Own Community

Build Your Own Community

Jennifer Greenberg has spent the last seven years photographing rockabilly culture and has compiled her photographs into a book, The Rockabillies. She uses a large format camera and only takes 12 shots of each subject.

“Rockabillies are one of the most visually attuned groups of people I’ve ever been around,” she says. “A beautiful car or a piece of clothing that someone took two weeks to hand-bead—anyone with an artistic vision is going to be attracted to these things simply because of how well they’re made. ”






“The music is really raw and authentic. Back in the ’50s, the charts weren’t national. If a song was a hit in Kansas, [it was possible] no one would ever hear it in New York City. So people were doing their own thing. they were wild on the microphone. It was more radical than anything we have in our culture now.”

More amazing photographs here.

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May 3, 2010 1:25 pm

These were awesome photos to look through, thanks!

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