Behold, my first crafty post!

I really love being creative and the whole diy culture and part of me always wanted to make this blog a showcase of successful projects and helpful tips but, alas, it has not become that. Even this crafty post is only a finished product, not a how to or a look at the process. even so, I’m rather proud.

This banner, which I designed and painted myself (and held by my beloved “not that i want to cover your face, but… cover your face.”), will be displayed at our wedding. Later, it may grace our home in some fashion, although I’m starting to discover that together, we own more artwork than could ever fit on our walls.

The quote is from a tote bag I love by fifi du vie goods.

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August 20, 2013 11:56 am

WOW it looks amazing!!

You were always the best at lettering, it looks perfect. How DID you do it?

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