Your business needs
a customized digital marketing strategy.​

With over 3 billion people on social media globally, social media is a key component to connecting businesses with potential customers and clients. Yet so many businesses treat social media as an afterthought, posting sporadically or tacking this important marketing task on to another job.

We will streamline your social media process and develop a strategy for generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and engaging with your community. Our strategy is to create quality content on a consistent basis to attract real followers who are more likely to convert into clients.

Social media packages may include a variation of the following services based on your needs:

Any good strategy starts with a review of your existing social media as well as your competition to develop a customized marketing strategy which will be manageable for your team.​

While you will need to provide some basic content, we will show you how to do more with the content you already have. Our graphic graphic design skills ensures that your content is always professional and on brand.​

All posts will be optimized with well-written captions, optimized with key words, hashtags, and location & company tags which are key to increasing your visibility.​

Posts will be scheduled a week or two in advance and at the best day and time to receive the most eyes. Content will be varied to maintain audience interest.​

Social media is a two way street so as you publish content and receive comments from your audience, we will respond to comments and follows and share user generated content as appropriate.​

We provide design and copywriting services for your newsletter, blog, or direct email campaign. 

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Art Direction & Photography

While we are not a photography studio, we do occasionally offer photography and art direction services to create great content for our clients.  

For The Back Room, an author event, we developed the tagline “Cocktails and Conversation” and then developed custom cocktails based on the books of featured authors. We also photographed those cocktails in our home studio for their website and social media.


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