Fashion for Feelings

Fashion for Feelings

Ugh… I love these sweaters (“jumpers”) from British knitwear brand, Hades! Each one features a simple expression of emotion in script– Bonjour Tristesse, Anxiety, Inner Privacy, Jealousy, Unrequited Love, or True Self– all familiar feelings to the angsty teenager inside all of us.


“Your understanding of your inner self holds the meaning of your life,” – Leo Tolstoy



By the way, I wish I knew about this for the debut collection, named Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, which featuring the names of four bands– The Smiths, Patti Smith, The Slits, and Sonic Youth.

But this collection reminds me of my Design for the Disgruntled post back in 2015 which featured items from the Stay Home Club, another brand which takes inner feelings and makes them public.  Literally wearing your feelings on your sleeve!

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