Five Years Gone

Five Years Gone

I really cannot believe that this blog has been active for five years… because it seems like it has been part of my life for so much longer! It must be about 10 years, right? No. Jan 6, 2010 was the inaugural post.

Top posts

I suppose what is expected is to review top posts but I find that Google Analytics tells me the most random posts are my top ones (Le Smoking) and I just don’t believe it.  So here are some of my favorite posts as well as some that can be called “top” by virtue of getting a lot of feedback in comments or on Facebook.

Art and Design: Overgrowth | Creatives: Surrealists Are the Only Men for Me | Curiosities: Oh the Irony | Fashion: The Power of Flowers | Film: I Never Discuss Love on an Empty Stomach | Food/Drink: LA Hipster Foodie Tour


Interior Design: I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me a Pen | Music: With Wild Wolves Around You | Personal: A Rest From Our Labors | Photography: Domestic Bliss | Poetry: Are You My Angel | Roundup: Overdue Roundup


Travel: Aces | Vignette: Rabbit Attack | Wonders: Vol 3 | Writing: Always I Am I and You Are You | Yesterday was Beautiful: Vol 1 | Yoko and Me: Youth Talk

Things that have changed

1. At the beginning, I had an insatiable desire to post every day. Now I’m down to twice a week, which I think is still pretty respectable.

2. Originally this blog was called “the wolf of insignificance” and it was hosted on a free platform, Blogger. When I decided to set up my own WordPress portfolio site, I moved all the blog history over and now it lives here. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better as its own stand-alone blog again, since a lot of what I post doesn’t directly correlate to my business but, in the end, I’ve decided to take a holistic approach to this: the blog is me and I am my business. We are one.

3. Image size. Five years ago, the maximum size anyone wanted to see on a computer screen was about 300 pixels. Now, even my 550 pixel images are tiny! Some day that might change as I find myself more and more confined by it and in love with huge, luscious large images on other blogs but, for now, it will remain.

4.  lowercase.  Up until about a year ago, I wrote entirely in lowercase, no capitalization at the beginning of sentences, no capitalization of proper nouns.  It was an aesthetic choice and I’m not the only one who has made it but somewhere along the line I decided to move on and capitalize everything properly.

Things that have stayed the same

1. Readership. I have probably the same number of readers now as I did five years ago and that number is approximately 10. Sometimes this dismays me when I think that readership should be directly proportional to quality of blogging and I think maybe I’m not doing well enough. But at other times I’m fine with my small readership because I realize that they may be small in number but they are devoted and, at the end of the day, I’m a quality-over-quantity kind of girl.

2. At the beginning, the stated purpose of this blog was to share something interesting or beautiful with my readers and that has not, and will not change. As we have more ways to share things– Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram– it’s become more of a challenge but I refuse to duplicate content across platforms, always making sure that the blog has quality content.

Up Next

So where do we go next? Honestly, I feel a bit stagnant lately but there’s a certain momentum that keeps me going. The form and purpose of this blog might change in time but, at the core, it will continue to be about sharing and art and love and curiosity and moments of wonder. Thank you for sharing it with me!



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