have i mentioned

have i mentioned

have i mentioned that i’m getting married in a few weeks? no, i haven’t because blogs have such a tendency to become wedding-centric when the author gets engaged, or baby-centric after a child.  i’ll admit that i’ve delved into wedding-related fodder once or twice but i’d like to think that i’ve kept my wits about me.

now, please indulge me with this simple inspiration board:

wedding_inspiration2 01. this national geographic image was the basis of our invitations and the logo was designed by me. [source]
02. camping, adventure, the outdoors and moonrise kingdom are part of the vibe we’re going for.
03. kraft paper runners and mismatched glassware are part of it. [source]
04. the groom will be wearing seersucker, and he’s super-pumped about it!
05. with any luck, i’ll be wearing a dress like this one. [source]
06. and a rosemary crown like this one. [source]

and for good measure, here are some additional resources which i’ve found helpful during the process:

east side bride: “an evil club of mean hipster brides.”  which is sometimes just what you need.

a practical wedding: so many good articles such as this one “your wedding is not timeless” and this great reality check from a wedding graduate which contains such gems as “people will follow your lead. want to have a really stressful, joyless wedding? stress about everything” and “some people are good at weddings; some aren’t.”

considering the amount of work that’s involved and that it’s essentially the most expensive party i have ever or will ever throw, i think i’ve done fairly well at not stressing out about it!

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August 8, 2013 12:03 pm

I can’t wait!!

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