high hopes, pomp and pride

high hopes, pomp and pride

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it’s not often that i post images of an event here, but it’s not often that i get a personal invitation either.

dan cutrona of dan cutrona photography and cutrona studios, knowing my taste so well, recommended that i should come to an opening at his gallery last friday and i  owe him thanks because loved it and found it highly inspirational. besides the amazing art and the giant coloring project, i also ran into several old friends who knew me from my painting/collage days who asked me what i was working on, thereby motivating me some more.

the show is The Big Reveal, an exhibition of new collaborative two-dimensional work by Zehra Khan & Tim Winn.

The Big Reveal is about high hopes, pomp and pride.

The Big Reveal is not for sale but you can still buy it.

Who owns the Big Reveal?
The white dress on the red carpet owns it for a moment.
So does the man on one knee in the middle of the street.
She owns it when she pauses and says yes.

The Big Reveal is diamonds and flash bulbs.
Ruffles and Flourishes, Keepers and Winners.

The Big Reveal is the best millisecond of all our favorite moments.

tim winn and zehra khan’s two-dimensional work is a pop art dream!  if you have a chance, definitely go check it out! either online or in person.   the show is open at cutrona gallery through april 30.

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