How often should you post to social media?

How often should you post to social media?

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Social media is a busy place with a lot of voices. Does that mean that to be heard you should hit it hard, publishing multiple times a day? Or if you choose a slower pace, will you be lost in the static? These are genuine concerns for a small business. So how often should you post to social media?

Expert Opinion

Experts are constantly studying social media numbers to answer this question. Those numbers are constantly changing and they differ from platform to platform, as each has it’s own “culture,” so to speak. Here is the current consensus for each platform:

  • Facebook: At least once a day, and no more than two posts per day.
  • Instagram: At least once per day but no more than 3 times per day.
  • Twitter: 3 to 30 times a day.
  • LinkedIn: No more than once each business day, and at least twice a week.

If those numbers seem high to you, that is understandable, because, let’s be honest, that pace just doesn’t work for all industries, nor is it sustainable without a full social media management staff A recognized brand or an influencer may be able to post that often but a small business should post less often. So the real answer to the question of how often to post is: Post as often as you have quality content.

Quality Content

What is quality content? Simply put, quality content is content that is is of value to your audience. If it saves your followers time or money, it is of value to them. Share your blog posts or an infographic with a quick tip. Share current projects you are working on or have completed. These are things that your followers are interested in seeing from you.

Keep in mind that not all content that you share has to be original. You can also share content from other sources as long as it is relevant to your industry. For instance, an industry news article or a blog post written by an expert in your field shared along with a brief explanation of what it means for your followers would be most appreciated.

But if you find yourself desperately drumming up any content in order to stick to some expert-determined schedule, you’re probably not posting quality content and your followers will likely disappear.

Consistent Posting

More important than frequency, is consistency. Choose a posting schedule which you will be able to maintain and stick to it. This may mean that you only post one quality post per week, and that’s fine. As long as it adds value, your audience will appreciate it.

So ignore the numbers and concentrate on sharing quality content on a consistent basis at a pace that is sustainable for you.

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