I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I present in this space.

First there’s such a glut of information out there.  Pretty pictures are continuously swapped and shared on Pinterest, Facebook and various blogs.  But what makes a blog compelling is a fresh voice, not a regurgitation of existing material.  I’ve recently begun to feel like my content had become stagnant for that very reason.  Re-blogging is not blogging.  Gathering similar items and showcasing them is not having a voice.

There is also the issue of image use and credit.  Asking permission for use of all images is cumbersome and sometimes downright impossible.  Crediting without asking is the shortcut that I’ve taken but, to be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with that either.  What if I post an image from one source but it’s not the original?  It’s not that I’m worried about being sued (but maybe I should be?) it’s more a matter of integrity.

Given these two considerations, I don’t know what I’ve decided exactly, but I do know that i want to do better. I want to use my voice more and i want to use original content.  I’m not just going to post an anonymous, un-credited photo; I’m going to give a source (when at all possible) and tell you why I feel this image is meaningful.  And when possible, I’m going to use my own images.  This may result in me talking about my life more here and that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

This comes with a bit of a lifestyle change.  Normally I get on a tear drafting multiple posts and schedule them months out.  Justina Blakeney says she does a fresh blog post each morning and, while I don’t think that would work with my lifestyle, I love the idea. I got up this morning at 5am and sat at my kitchen table with my laptop and I felt accomplished and like a real human being.  I could use a little more of that in my life.  So I’m not saying that I won’t schedule posts but I will be more mindful and work harder to create something more personal and original.

I also feel the need to redesign the blog part of this website… again!  Also, I’m thinking of starting to use proper capitalization.  ‘gasp!’  But one thing at a time, my friends.


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