It used to be that i would spend a lot of time online, looking at this or that, and when i would run out of time and energy to feature each interesting thing in it’s own individual blog post, i would bundle them all together into a “roundup” post.  [check category “roundup in the right sidebar to see past roundup posts.]  these days i seem to just visit my favorite blogs (thanks to Bloglovin’) and that’s about it.  still, i thought that i could manage to pull together some interesting stuff to share:

Listening to: This American Life (every Monday) | The Moth Podcast (every Tuesday)

New favorite blog: Note to Self. This blog is run by Sarah Tolzmann, a web designer for Ralph Lauren, so you know that it’s gorgeously designed and features fashion and style in a really great way.

Gazing upon:  remember Tumblr?  Each image is a post which isn’t any good in Bloglovin’ so every once in a while i check these gorgeous tumblers featuring dreamy hues and classic images: The Thinking Tank | La Mariniere | Danse de Lune

Favorited Bloglovin’ posts:

. noi til fem’s most recent New York guide has me wanting to plan a trip to NYC soon

. Behind my Back features movie screenshots where the camera is behind someone’s back… genius!

. gorgeous images of a young Princess Margaret

. fresh young co-eds attend Colby College’s Mountain Day

. this simple, elegent diy coat rack

. this Note to Self playlist is fun!


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