Love Is Calling

Love Is Calling

Remember when I wrote about Yayoi Kusama, The Queen of Polka Dots? Well, since then, her mirror room installations have become the darling of the selfie-loving millennials. And although I am not a millennial, I am in love too.

Her mirror installation exhibit called “Love Is Calling” is coming to Boston’s ICA this fall! (September 24)

Abstract, inflatable sculptures featured in her signature polka-dots and psychedelic colors are positioned on the floor and ceiling of the mirrored room. Visitors will be able to hear Kusama reciting her own love poem “Residing in a Castle of Shed Tears” in Japanese while drifting off into the infinite reflections of polka-dots.

“LOVE IS CALLING is one of Kusama’s most immersive, psychedelic environments and features vividly colored, tentacle-like, inflatable sculptures covered with the artist’s signature polka dots and encased in a mirrored room to create an illusion of infinite space.” (From the ICA announcement)

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