Of Late: Vol 1 (A Continuation)

Of Late: Vol 1 (A Continuation)

My last post started off like a list and ended up as a narrative so I’m here to remedy that.

I’ve always loved the convention of a list of categories that you periodically fill with things that you’re interested in of late. Its a great way to stop and consider your recent interestS, as well as to archive and share. That was my intention in Tuesday’s post although I got a bit sidetracked. I filled out “Readingand “Summertime,” although Summertime shouldn’t really be a category; it should be something like “Enjoying.”  Anyhow, here are some of the rest.

LISTENING: Podcasts have captured my heart. Lately I’ve been listening to Gilmore Guys where two guys examine each episode of the series Gilmore Girls which is now streaming on Hulu.  They’re not only funny but respectful, insightful, and knowledgeable. My favorite is this one with Jason Mantzoukas. Just listening to a 40 year old man geek out about Gilmore Girls is amazing.

I’ve also been loving Mystery Show by Starlee Kine. The one where Starlee looks into the mystery of Jake Gylenhall’s height is hilarious.

WATCHING: Besides the aforementioned Gilmore Girls, I’ve also been obsessed with Moone Boy on Hulu. I watched all three seasons alone and immediately started over again with the hubby. So funny! And that theme song is as catchy as anything.

MAKING: This is a broad category. Maybe some day it will be filled with sewing or painting or other DIY projects but for now it’s just filled with cooking. I’ve been trying some new recipes, even though cooking in the summer makes me fairly angry. I made this amazing Thai chicken curry which was a so good that we had it twice in a row.  I also made Shashuka for the first time and it was surprisingly easy and very good.   It will be a new staple, I’m sure.

PURCHASING: For the entirety of the summer, I’ve been in search of a great pair of sandals. I think I may have found them. I also finally broke down and bought this pair of black booties. I have a similar pair with a higher heel that I’ve worn to death so I am hoping these more comfortable versions will become a staple of my fall wardrobe. I’m a little embarrassed because both of these items are owned by a friend… It’s okay, I’ll call myself her style disciple.

ANTICIPATING: I’m looking forward to our anniversary trip “down the Cape.” There was a lot of back and forth about which weekend it should be because normally our anniversary falls on Labor Day which is handy because of the extra vacation day but this year its the week before. But we ended up with a lot of responsibilities, things we couldn’t reschedule, which seemed to guide us toward Labor Day weekend so that’s fine.

I’m sure there are more categories I could add but this is a fair start and I hope it will continue as a feature.  I’ve put it into its own category called Of Late.

In other news, I recently deleted my old Gmail account which included my maiden name because I was getting too many emails intended for a Sarah Dionne in Toronto. I was constantly worried that poor Sarah Dionne wasn’t getting her bachelorette party invitations, etc. Anyhow, I was smart about it (I thought) and downloaded all my data before deleting the account. Problem was, the interval between downloading and deleting was too big and the link to my downloaded data expired! I don’t even know all that I’ve lost except that I’ve lost all the images on this blog prior to February 2012 because evidently they were still being hosted by Blogger. Boo! I think I’ve been pretty accepting of it though. I may go back and clean up those old blog posts some day and delete the now-blank images but for the time being I’m not going to be too concerned about it. The past is the past, right?  Onward!

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Krystena Allen-Postell
August 6, 2015 11:28 am

Your Awesome my sistah! *muah*

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