Of Late: Vol 10

Of Late: Vol 10

It is late December and for the first time it feels like winter is here. We’ve had our first snow and a couple of bitterly cold days and everyone is looking for a way to stay koselig.

Koselig has definitely had me feeling like nesting lately; filling my home with cozy pillows and throws.  Maybe it’s finally time to get started on that wall hanging that I’ve been threatening…

So, with no further ado, here are some things that are new:

[row][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Reading” align=”left”]

I’m not reading a novel right now.  I’ve just been reading a lot of news and blogs.  I’m fascinated with the rapid changes which are happening in the world right now.  Every morning I have to check in and catch up on the unprecedented occurrences from the previous day.

[/column][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Listening” align=”left”]

Last month we went to see Daugher (above) and it was beautiful and sad in the best possible way.  On the other hand, I’ve really been into the Alison Crutchfield album Lean In To It which is full of upbeat lyrics and a lot of fuzzy guitar.

[row][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Making” align=”left”]


Recently I listened to Seamwork Radio, a sewing podcast which sounds boring, I know, but was actually very inspirational.  I haven’t started making anything yet but I’ve been somewhat obsessed about planning projects so it should happen real soon.

[/column][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Purchasing” align=”left”]

I got a hair cut and color and am more blond than I have ever been.!  I also bought these sunglasses from UO and I love them.  So fun!

[row][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Watching” align=”left”]

Gilmore Girls, obviously.  Also, The Crown on Netflix and the recaps on the Vulture.  And I finally got the Olive Kitteridge miniseries from HBO and its really fantastic; so true to the book!

[/column][column grid=”6″ offset=”0″][tmedium text=”Anticipating” align=”left”]

With the afor mentioned cold, I’m really anticipating a winter vacation in a sunshiney location!  I won’t say where we’re going yet but the dream of the beach has been keeping me alive!


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