Of Late: Vol 2

Of Late: Vol 2

READING: I’m still reading my Elizabeth book. I feel like it’s slow going but I’m not giving up. I’ve started skipping huge sections describing the background of Queen Elizabeth’s advisers so perhaps that will speed up my progress.

LISTENING: More podcasts! I recently went on a Love + Radio binge. The two that I can’t stop thinking about are Insane vs. Unsane and The Silver Dollar.

I also just started listening to Crybabies which is co-hosted by Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief highlighted in a previous post.  Full circle.  Crybabies describes itself as “a journey into emotion, celebrating the act of crying as an emotional release.”  Intriguing!

Finally, Out on the Wire is a podcast dedicated to dissecting how stories are told, particularly for radio/podcast. It comes with bi-weekly writing assignments and places online to collaborate but I’m not that invested yet.

WATCHING: I can’t believe it but we finally started re-watching Lost. I kept saying I wasn’t ready and then one day, suddenly, I was.  I think it’s the perfect thing to pick up for fall/winter and it’s a nice counterpoint to all of the comedies we watch.  We’re only about four episodes in and I’m definitely already having those old feelings of regret and disappointment knowing where it’s all headed.  As things happen on the island and you know that these new plot points will never be answered, you can’t help but feel cheated all over again.  But, on the other hand, it’s been fun trying to puzzle it all together from our memories.

MAKING: I recently made this Burnt Sage and Blackberry Sangria which wasn’t as amazing as I wanted it to be. But I have a whole jar of pepper simple syrup left over that I’m excited about incorporating into a cocktail.

PURCHASING: I haven’t purchased much of late since we’re tightening our belts but I did get a rust-red pleated midi skirt which I’m looking forward to wearing this fall.  Here is a similar one from Zara which I also want and hopefully will purchase when our belts loosen a bit.

ANTICIPATING: A trip to upstate New York for a special event and some relaxing times with friends.

I’m also really looking forward to a new creative project with a friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve really been creative beyond this blog so I’m looking forward to diving in.  Stay tuned for that!

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