Of Late: Vol 9

Of Late: Vol 9

We are deep into fall now. I’m finally ready for fall activities like apple picking and cider mills. And while the color hasn’t been that vibrant this year, the yellow leaves have been glorious; like driving through pure sunlight!

From the photos below, it seems like I have been spending a lot of time inside. Not exactly… however, there’s been a cold sweeping through our family so, I have been home more than usual, I suppose.


[tmain text=”Reading” transform=”uppercase”]Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout had been recommended to me months ago and when I saw it had been made into an HBO miniseries, I realized that I really had to read it.

I was surprised by the structure which is several short stories, all which relate back to the main character, Olive, in some way or another. Olive, as a character, is a force of nature, so it’s always a treat when she shows up. If you’d like to have a taste, read the first chapter here.

I haven’t watched the miniseries yet but in it, Olive is played by Frances McDormand which I think is perfect casting.

[tmain text=”Listening to” transform=”uppercase”]These days I’m listening to anything and everything! Not only did I finally get a Spotify subscription, we also recently got a new phone plan which offers unlimited streaming. Suddenly, all the albums are at my fingertips!

Bands I’ve been listening to: AJJ | Black Marble | Chvrches | Daughter | LVL UP | Local Natives | Signals Midwest

[tmain text=”Watching” transform=”uppercase”]All the fall shows are back!  So it’s hello again to Project Runway, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the new fave The Good Place.

[tmain text=”Making” transform=”uppercase”]So much graphic design! My husband has been working on a project, helping a friend get craft beer on his restaurant menu, so there have been social media posts, posters and menu layouts galore! I’ll be updating my portfolio soon with these because I’ve been really happy with them. The poster below is my favorite.oflate9_making

[tmain text=”Discovering” transform=”uppercase”]I hesitate to mention it because I’m not 100% sold, but Bulletproof Coffee

[tmain text=”Purchasing” transform=”uppercase”]I had a small payday so I’ve purchased a few fall staples.

1 | Ann Taylor Loft gray, button-back sweater: It was a flash sale so I panicked and bought it and I’m glad I did! It looks great tucked in, as pictured, or out over jeans. It’s already a staple.

2 | Forever 21 faux leather moto jacket (similar): I tried it on about 12 times in the store and finally decided that I couldn’t do without it. The faux of the faux leather is pretty severe… but I kindof like the idea of an obvious cheap item mixed in with higher quality items.

3 | H&M tassel earrings: I’ve been into big, statement earrings lately and these go with so much in my wardrobe that– for $9.99– they were a no-brainer.

4 | Sam Edelman Circus booties: The booties are a non-suede version of a pair I already have and love. I just hated that I had to make sure the suede didn’t get wet, which is almost an impossibility on the East Coast.  So this nubuck version is going right into heavy rotation.

5 | Zara green suede purse: Totally unnecessary but so cute!

[tmain text=”Anticipating” transform=”uppercase”]
A survivalist weekend! Or at least survival-light. I’ll let you know how it goes… if I survive! :)




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