overdue roundup

overdue roundup

it’s been a very long time since i’ve done a weekend roundup.  mostly the reason is that i’m spending less and less time online just looking around.  now when i find something worthwhile, i post it immediately to stay ahead of my self-imposed editorial calendar (mondays and thursdays), as opposed to saving it in my “wolfish” file to revisit later.  but this image above was screaming out for a roundup post to accompany so here we have it:

.  interesting new (to me) fashion photographer: tung walsh (photo above)

. educational programming: mr. rogers goes to washington. teaching that “feelings are mentionable and manageable.”

. new favorite tumblr: cotton love. capitalizing on the geometric shapes and pastel tones trend of the moment.

. recipe to try sooner, rather than later: triple garlic pizza

. restaurant to try (soon): teranga in boston’s south end. senegalese = african comfort food.  plus, the chef/owner was on chopped and killed it!

. travel destination (later): let’s all go to iceland! gorgeous photos of icelandic hot springs should do the trick.

.music/musicians: husband and wife team, the last names.  lovely interview / weekly blog of covers / streaming album “wilderness”

. fashion: local designer luke aaron channels grace kelly and makes me think about summer weddings.

happy friday everyone!

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