Packing for a Hot Country

Packing for a Hot Country

I’m getting ready for an adventure in a hot country and one of my most favorite-ist part of getting ready for an adventure is planning what to pack.

No fancy resort wear there! in fact, no one there really cares about fashion but i do so there’s a fine balance to be struck: something that I like and find fashionable but not something that anyone else would want enough to try to take from me.

And maybe I’m strange, but I enjoy thinking about the minimum I can pack; how to mix-and-match and make every item work harder. it’s all about getting back to basics. I’ve been tinkering with the list and I’m quite proud of the fact that I have it down to 12 items of clothing. the list includes:

  1. a crushable straw hat. I never wear them state-side but maybe I’ll get my courage up.
  2. wear all-day every-day sandals. These by MIA are 70s hippie-chic and promise comfort.
  3. a big bag, preferably to be worn cross-body. I found one at goodwill which should suffice.
  4. a good pair of jeans.
  5. some easy skirts and dresses.
  6. tees and tanks to wear with said jeans and skirts.
  7. {not technically a single item} accessories: a scarf, interesting jewelry. nothing flashy and, for pity’s sake, not gold!

And of course my digital camera, the new Holga, extra memory cards, sunscreen, bug spray, {fake} Raybans and my passport.

I get a little thrill when I imagine it all neatly packed into my suitcase. {sigh} the thought will carry me through the next several months.

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February 9, 2011 9:20 pm

Great post! It’s funny how a lot of people stress out about packing when it can really be an exciting and happy-inducing thing. So exciting :)

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