Slow Down

Slow Down

or Motivation and the Convenience of Slow Blogging

This week I’ve found myself overwhelmed and unmotivated.  I’ve also found myself without a well of blog posts queued up and ready to go so, unlike some of my past overwhelmed times, this blog is showing the cracks in my psyche.

It was in the midst of this that the term “slow blogging” drifted out of my mind-ether.  Yes, it’s a real thing. “Slow Blogging is a rejection of immediacy. It is an affirmation that not all things worth reading are written quickly” says this slow blog manifesto.  It sounds good to me; don’t blog because it’s a Tuesday, blog because you have something to say.  How revolutionary!  “And how convenient,” you say. Yes, it is convenient but also, I think, meaningful.

The expressed purpose of this blog from the beginning was to share things that I found with others.  Of course, we have many more avenues now to share these things.  As I review my own online sharing habits, it comes off sounding like a complicated algorithm and this blog is only one portion of the equation:

[tmedium text=”Personal Facebook” align=”left”]

For sharing light, funny things and for passively ranting about social media (on social media) with actual, real life friends.  I post a few personal photos– usually about 15-20 per year– just to prove that I actually do have a life.

[tmedium text=”Business Facebook” align=”left”]

Anything art or design related that I have found online and am excited about but don’t feel I could do justice with an entire blog post.  Also, there are times when blogging about something feels dishonest.  Someone else has taken the time to showcase this thing so there’s no need for me to repackage it for my own audience; its complete as it is. Link

[tmedium text=”Pinterest” align=”left”]

Any pretty picture.  I’ve split these out into style, interior (design), exterior (design or landscape), art + design + photography, and then, of course the recipes, but only ones I actually might attempt some day.  And of course, I have a messy private board where I pin my wishlist items or tips on how to organize my life or improve my appearance. Link

[tmedium text=”Email” align=”left”]

My husband and not all of my friends are on Facebook so I’ll often email them something of interest, usually any of the above.

[tmedium text=”Instagram” align=”left”]

Moments of beauty found in my every day life, also only shared with actual, real life friends, although I do a round up on the blog every few months.

[tmedium text=”Blog” align=”left”]

Posts emerge from finding some depth of interest in a subject.  Generally it’s something that requires me to do some research and to think about my personal view of the subject, rounding it out with images.   I also do personal posts featuring photos from trips etc.   Of course, there’s always an effort to balance the private and the public so I try to choose photos that are more artistic in nature.

So there you have it.  As you can see, the blog occupies a pretty small portion of what I actually share online.  And now that the well is close to being dry, it might be time to try this slow blogging thing.  It will require more thought and intention in my writing, perhaps some soul searching and more personal sharing.  And since people don’t always like to read during the 9-5 grind, posts may more likely be published on the weekend or late on a Friday.  But these are only some initial thoughts; all are subject to change.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about a recent trip to the Midwest to see family and to share some good music.  I also have been doing a fair amount of design work which will be showing up on the site: an annual report, two wedding invitations and a new website design.   Also, spring is coming!



April 9, 2015 4:52 pm

i really like this post. Now that I’ve started a blog for my business this has given me more to think about for future posts! I’m excited to see ur design work!

April 10, 2015 9:17 am

Thank you Devin! There are so many different ways to approach blogging. It’s a process to find your personal style.

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