Stasis is the Place to Be

Stasis is the Place to Be

sta·sis/ stāsis/ noun: a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium;
a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness.

It took a full week but my every earthy possession is under one roof which is a good thing, I guess.  I’m in no rush to settle in.  I just spend my mornings wandering from room to room, studying the ocean from a new angle.

Cable is not (and will not be) hooked up, internet is down indefinitely, and the stereo is still unplugged, but I have my VHS tapes for white noise.  Overall I’m enjoying feeling disconnected from the chaos for the time being. I just putter around, cleaning this, hanging that, as the mood strikes me.

Cleaning out my bookmarks and enjoying:

. This cute granny
. Barefoot in the Park interior
. A dreamy tent
. Breathless filmstills
. a new word for the sadness that can occur when realizing that one’s own weaknesses are caused by the cruelty of the world:  weltschmerz
. a nice place to be: Heaven Hill
. breathtaking early American color photography {be prepared to linger}
. I say suspenders are back
. on my “movies to see” list: Purple Noon (1960)
. amazing celebrity photography by Brad Elterman
. pumpkin and goat cheese pies {for when i decide to buy groceries}
. necklace DIY {for when i decide to DIY}


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