Static Detox Revolution

Static Detox Revolution

Isn’t it interesting that sometimes a resolution is made after careful reflection and, other times, it comes to you fully formed? It’s not that you’ve not thought about it, but that your thought process was so subliminal that you were unaware of it until it bobbed to the surface. And then there it is, undeniable and unavoidable.

Along with the sudden resolution about social media and communication, I’ve also decided to cut out another form of static: cable television.

It’s nothing revolutionary to say that television is a distraction but I’m virtually an addict. We didn’t have a television in the home for my early years so whenever I was in the presence of one, I was transfixed and not much has changed.  Most evenings this past winter were spent in my small apartment in front of that glowing box.

It took a week of travel and being entirely without television, internet (and sometimes power) to detox. Upon my return one morning, I unplugged the cable and haven’t looked back. Not to say that’s it’s been zero television. I keep up with my favorite shows online, but it’s on my terms. The only thing I truly miss is the morning news.

It’s not like I magically have more time on my hands and I’m being fully creative with my time. Sometimes I spend an entire evening in front of my laptop instead. It could be disappointing but I choose to view it as a stepping down period.

I’m hoping in time I’ll prefer to take those quiet evenings to do other things such as finding and listening to good music or allowing myself to fall into a project and become completely engrossed. This is what I’m looking forward to most.

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