Stay Gold

Stay Gold

We still love a mixtape!  Of course, “mixtape” in the truest meaning of the word is completely outdated now, as is the concept of a mix on a CD. Sad. Now it’s all digital. Anyhow, the husband and I are determined to keep mixtapes alive so we had, naturally, a mixtape party.

The invitation was a Freak Out/ Chill Out mix and we invited friends to put together their own mixes to share with friends at the party.

Below are drafts of the cover for my mix which was entitled “Stay Gold” and featured songs titles or band names with the world “gold” in them. Beyond that, the only stipulation was that I liked the song and thought my friends would too.

This first cover is my final version. I love the layers of flower image, gold palm fronds, translucent box and text.

I adore this one as well. It is simple and strong but I do love the gold fronds in the final version knew I wanted them included in the final design.

Triangles are so big right now… which is one of the reasons I didn’t ultimately go with this version. I do like, though, that this is my original photo.

This bird is fantastic! I love the simplicity of it but seeing that it was a stock image with some text next to it, I vetoed it as too uninspired.

And this last one? It was one of the first iterations of the final design and, for that, it has value but it clearly wasn’t there yet. Also, notice the different font which I also like but ultimately didn’t end up in the final.

Some technical design notes and giveaways:
.   The font in the final version is a free font that I’m in love with called Anders. [download here]
.   The gold text and palm fronds were created with a clipping mask from this gold leaf image. [download here]

Oh, and here is the mix for you’re listening pleasure!


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December 15, 2014 3:15 pm

That bird is amazing!!! But I like what you ultimately settled on.

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