supertheory of supereverything

supertheory of supereverything

i finally found a non-iphone app to do instagram-like photos. it’s called sophie and so far i love her. behold!

these photos were taken over the last month an are pretty indicative of my daily life: reading, eating, drinking, wearing striped shirts, going to weddings and gypsy punk shows.

something else good from this month/week: i’ve started to take my freelance design business quite seriously and updated my portfolio to reflect that.  i’m especially proud of the cover for “calling the shots.”  it’s my first cover and it was so much fun to do!

i suppose this is a good place as any to mention that i’ve recently been obsessed with this mix: beautiful life via miss moss.  the first track could be annoyingly upbeat but, instead, it’s been doing a lovely job of easing me into my mornings.

{listen: kishi bashi by bright white}

other favorite tracks include best friend by dent may and fifteen by goldroom.  but, as with all truly great mixes, it’s the mix that makes it good; you can’t imagine one song without the others.

have a super weekend, supereveryone!

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June 25, 2012 7:15 pm

What a great post! Your portfolio looks amazing. In April we saw Kishi Bashi and he was a complete one man show. Thoroughly impressed.

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