top 5

top 5

the lovely lee lee bredenberg and i decided it was time to do some sort of collaboration and we hit upon the {perhaps not entirely imaginative} idea of our top 5 discoveries of the year.  the following aren’t necessarily new things, just new to me, something that resonated with me this year.  

1. helen frankenthaler
not that i’m an art history major or anything but i was floored to come across such a tremendous modern artist who i had not previously heard of.  her work is so dynamic and filled with passion.  yes, it’s the type that makes me think “i could do that” but, ultimately, i know i couldn’t because it’s uniquely her own.

4. it chooses you
rarely do i click “buy” so quickly.  miranda july’s book is brilliant and lovely and deserves a re-re-read.  the next time i’m going to go through it with a marker in hand, highlighting the passages which make make me cry and the ones which make me laugh out loud.

3.  natural elements
for years i’ve had a wooden tray on my coffee table full of pine cones and sea shells but this year i’ve expanded my scope.  now my home is also filled with cacti, snake plants (perfect for me because they “thrive on neglect”) pieces of quartz and coral, and anatomical drawings… it’s become a passion.  expect more of the same in 2012.

2. new traditional dressing
this is my term for the movement i’ve noticed in fashion take a traditional elements and make it modern by rolling up a cuff, exaggerating a bow, adding an avant garde shoe. after years of experimentation, now in my 30’s, i’m entirely comfortable with this new traditional dressing.  although, it isn’t without it’s pitfalls: without one element, you can end up looking like a granny.

5.coconut records
yes, i realize i am several years late on this one.  while other friends are making lists of their top 10 albums of the year, i’m celebrating one album from 2009.  this is of course the musical effort of mr. jason schwartzmann.  you loved him in rushmore, shopgirl (“you said just do it, so i did it.”), darjeeling limited, the fantastic mr. fox, and the recently cancelled bored to death and now there’s more to love with coconut records.  it’s poppy without being cloying, the kind of music which can actually (possibly) rescue you from the mean reds.  my love of jason schwartzman is now complete.

so there you have it: my top 5 discoveries of 2011! swing on by these blogs to find out the discoveries of these creative/fun people:

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and be sure to leave your top 5 in the comments!


January 1, 2012 1:27 pm

Gorgeous and very worthy top 5 Sarah! You may have motivated me to pick up July’s book – even though I have the attention span of a pea.

January 1, 2012 10:12 pm

I found a book of Helen Frankenthlaler’s prints when I worked at Barnes and Noble, and was mesmerized by them. I never bought the book, I can’t remember why. Now I’d better go try to finish my list before the day’s out…

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