weekend roundup

weekend roundup

i’m contemplating a style change for this blog.  i’ve been playing around with a few formats but i’m not quite sure yet how to proceed.  i’m loving the blogs with a lot of white space and large photos (like this and this) and that’s the style of my portfolio as well… but is it quickly becoming too “done”?

because i’m feeling the drive to clean up and simplify, i finally consolidated all the blogs i follow (36… is that a lot?) into bloglovin’, thereby eliminating most of my bookmarks.  and for the rest… i present to you the mother of all round-ups:

. carly waito’s gorgeous gem paintings.
. street etiquette’s trip to brazil.
. truman capote’s interview of marlon brando in kyoto, japan, 1957 via guardian uk.
. handmade houses: 13 homes handcrafted by the finest artists and craftsmen in america, including george nakashima, henry varnum poor, sam maloof, wharton esherick, and russel wright.
. slim aarons photo gallery… perfect for summer.
. gypsy caravans and nomads.
. i’ve been burned by film cameras before but this lomo smena 8m soviet is tempting me…
. been intrigued by sophie calle for a long time but not entirely sure about here… but i do love this image.
. these mustaches.
. gorgeous use of light in these 1962 paris photos.
. this 1990 ellen von unwerth editorial inspired by breathless was an inspiration to me then and now.
. bathing caps with faces.
. obsolete fine art objects.
. vanessa jackman goes to montauk.
. great clog booties.
. documerica by david hiser.
. an adorable crocheted fox.
. the new french hacker-artist Uunderground.
. “when you’re famous you run into human nature in a raw kind of way”: a 1962 interview with marilyn monroe 
. top 15 soundtracks of all time (according to someone).
. read the velveteen rabbit online.
. a lesson on art and life from david hockney.
. my better half.
. coveting isabelle marant’s cabin.
. nan goldin, erin wasson, and some taxidermy wolves.
. string art
. gene tierney in leave her to heaven (1945)
. pre-code hollywood
. lost astronaut
. the fabulous raymond lowey house in palm springs.
. beautiful abandoned railway stations from around the world.

and with that, my bookmark list is clear and so is my heart.  enjoy your weekend!

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