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Welcome, Erica!

Let’s build a beautiful brand and website together!

This is your home base for the project. Here you can follow along with the website development phases and reference shared documents and important policies.


As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Project Progress


website phases

You're on your way to an awesome new website!

1. Proposal

Completed! Here is a copy of the proposal which you accepted for your easy reference.

Proposal document for reference/download (pdf)

2. Consultation

Completed! We've already had our initial consultation where we talked about your goals for your site. ​

3. Contract & Deposit

We never set up a contract, nor did I require a deposit at the time work began.

4. Brand Design

Completed! We went through the banding process and the new brand was launched in June 2021. You have provided a payment of $500 for this service.

Brand Guidelines document for reference/download (pdf)

Logo files available to download from Dropbox 

5. Website Content Gathering

Completed! You provided images and text for the website. I also provided copywriting service for you at a small additional charge.

6. Initial Design & Build

I built your website on WordPress and customized it with text, photos, and colors. I also installed and tested necessary apps. When the site was about 80% complete, met with you to go through it and you provided final feedback and edits.

7. Final edits

I completed all final website edits you requested except for anything related to e-commerce.

8. Pre-launch (optional)

I will move the test site to the public part of your website and the site will be “live" but without the e-commerce portion and we will have a training via Zoom of how to edit the site yourself. You can publicize the site as completed and we will add the e-commerce portion later.

7. E-commerce

We need arrangement photos, descriptions, prices, and a delivery policy to finalize the e-commerce portion of the website.

9. Final launch

I will give you a final training on updating the e-commerce portion of your site. At this point, you can present it as a new service for Cebola Design and post all about it on social media!



Communication hours: Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM

I try to keep my schedule flexible and will make every effort to promptly respond to requests and communication.


To help keep your project on track to finish on time, please provide all feedback within 2-3 business day of hearing from me. Timeliness from both of us will help us get your project done on (or even before!) the deadline.

Content Collection

In order to stick to timeframes and deadlines set, I will need all the content for your website before I start the project.


You will need to provide the text for all pages and any particular photos you want to be used on the site. 

Payment Policy

Your final payment is due 30 days upon receipt. If payment has not been made by the 30th day, a 5% interest will be added every 7 days until your payment has been completed, starting on the 15th day.

Feedback Guidelines

I appreciate simple and straightforward feedback. It helps me clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your project.