What Instagram Keywords Mean For Your Business

This month, Instagram rolled out the keyword search option for six countries, including the US. What does this mean for businesses?

Previously, if you wanted to get your service or product in front of new people who did not already follow you, the only way to do it was through hashtags. That meant that researching and choosing appropriate hashtags was extremely important.

But now, with keyword search, Instagram search capability is more like Google. It will search not just hashtags but the content of your captions, your user bio, alt text descriptions, and possibly the comments you receive on your posts

This is great news for businesses and marketers because it increases the possibility of your posts being seen organically!

So what is the strategy?

1. Identify your keywords.

Keywords are the words which your customers will most likely use to search your product or service. These include both specific words of what you sell or do but also words that describe such as “easy” “convenient” or “modern.”

If you have been using hashtags, the keyword research has probably already been done for you.

2. Write captions which are meaningful and incorporate your keywords.

A list of keywords dumped into an Instagram post or tacked on to the bottom of a caption won’t cut it. Search algorithms are too smart for that! You need to write meaningful captions that are useful to your followers and weave a few keywords through.

So are hashtags a thing of the past? Not at all! Hashtags will remain one of the most reliable ways to find hyper-specific content on Instagram.

The keyword search on Instagram broadens the Instagram search capability and gives your customers an easier way to find what they’re looking for.


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