What to Expect When Hiring a Remote Designer

What to Expect When Hiring a Remote Designer

So you’ve decided that you want a new website or branding update and you’ve found a designer whose style you love but they live in [insert city or country far from you here].  Does the idea of working with someone remotely seem daunting? Should you should find someone local?  Working with a remote designer can be smooth and easy if you keep these three things in mind.

1 | Your designer should have systems in place

It is not up to you as a client to come up with ways to work smoothly with your designer.  Inquire up front about the systems which the designer has established.  There are many communication and file sharing tools and apps available and your designer should be able to tell you which ones he or she uses and how they will work.

Does that mean that you will have to sign up for a long list of online accounts or download a myriad apps? Not necessarily.

Tools and systems which most professionals already use and are familiar with are usually best. Dropbox can be used to file-share and Skype or WhatsApp to communicate.  A private Pinterest board can be used to share images and ideas to use in your site, logo, or branding materials.

2 | Your designer should be organized

Organization is key.  Emails can be messy with variations of image files being swapped back and forth and confusing variations of file names.  Your designer should have a file system set up which allows you to easily see where you are in the design process.

A task management tool like Asana can be invaluable. I’ve started using Asana which is a simple, all in one task organization system. Once the client signs up for an account, they don’t need to log in to respond to messages generated by the system, making it a seamless tool for organization.

3 | Your designer should have clear communication

Your remote designer may not be available to you night and day, but you wouldn’t expect that from someone local either.  What is more important is that your designer tells you in advance which days and times he or she is available to respond to emails and is proactive to set up calls at key stages of the design process.

By implementing these tips, you can work successfully with a remote designer!

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