1. helvetica t-shirt (Aa) /  2. oh darling tote / 3. raybans / 4. j.crew swimsuit / 5. naturalizer sandals / 6. melamine dish set

i enjoy a good wishlist.

usually i keep it in my moleskin and reference it before a trip to goodwill because it’s so easy to get sidetracked.  then there’s the list that i keep in my bookmarks for the day when a few extra bucks come my way.  like when i recently discovered a forgotten $20 in my paypal account (i bought the tote above because it’s just so sweet).  and i bought the sandals because they’re quickly becoming a necessity.

not sure if you can see much of a theme here besides the color scheme but there is one: all these are things that i can bring with me on an adventure.

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