Wonders: Vol 11

Wonders: Vol 11

Recently, I’ve really been enjoying my own Instagram feed… Is that wrong?  The following are some of my favorite “summer wonders” from this July.

First row: Something seen and appreciated on my walk to work. | Playing with cutouts and lighting at the Paradise for Camera Obscura. | Speaking of “obscura”, here I am hidden in a low-hanging bush.

Second row: “Wine Wednesdays” at the James Joseph Salon… a very pleasant surprise! | What my bedroom floor looks like 90% of the time. | On a visit it the new Nightshift taproom (post coming soon), I enjoyed the Teddie Peanut Butter factory signage.

Third row: A golden pyramid seen on my walk to work… inexplicable and wonderful! | A chandelier at the Duck and Bunny, Providence. | Symmetry at breakfast.

Also, my honey recently told me about Cold Cave which sounds like Joy Division in the very best way.  Check out their album Oceans Without End on Bandcamp! (They’re currently on tour with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, but don’t let that prejudice you.)

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