We are Dionne Design.

About us

We understand the passion that business owners and creators carry with them and we love using our skills to help them to make a big impact online.

We help businesses and creative entrepreneurs express who they are online and in print.

We’ve used this mission statement for years a because this is the core of what we do: to help (small) business owners and creative entrepreneurs show up online.

So many business owners are passionate about what they do but they don’t understand how to put their best foot forward online. Either they have no branding or their website is outdated or they post inconsistently to social media and they don’t understand why they don’t see results. 

And that’s where the next piece comes in. It’s more than giving them a new brand or creating some social media templates, it’s about giving them the tools and the confidence to use these things to benefit their business.

So if you are a small business owner looking to level up your online presence, contact us and let us know your pain points. We would love to be your partner and cheerleader!


Sarah Sullivan

owner + designer

With nearly 20 years of web and graphic design experience, Sarah has worked with organizations large and small.


Tom Sullivan

ONLINE event manager

Tom uses his skills with people and technology to run successful online events for our clients.


Justin Daley


Justin is a key team member for ensuring that our online events go off without a hitch.