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Why is web design so expensive? Why is a DIY website less effective than a professionally designed site?  Because web design is about much more than just making a pretty website.

An experienced designer (or a well-educated DIYer) will go below the surface to plan for and implement these six key elements:

1. Aesthetics + design

A business website needs to be consistent with the brand identity and look professional. This will go a long way toward lending legitimacy to your business and can make a difference in if a visitor will become a customer or not.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO shouldn’t be an add on service. Every decision a designer makes can impact your business’ ranking on Google. Paying attention to image file size, which headings are used, and factors that impact website speed will give your site the best chance to show up in organic searches.

3. User Experience (UX)

An experienced designer will understand how people navigate through your site and will make decisions like the placement of a menu or buttons, etc. which will encourage site visitors to stay longer, click more, and ultimately help you make the sale.

4. Converting copy

A copywriter or designer can help you write appealing headlines, descriptions, or call to actions which are clear to your site visitors and encourage them to learn more. This copy also has a direct impact on your site SEO.

5. Mobile Optimization

As of October 2022, 59.53 percent of all web traffic comes through mobile phones so your site should also be designed to look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

6. Accessibility

It’s so important to understand how disabilities can impact how viewers experience your site. Making your site accessible to those with visual impairments, neurodiversities like dyslexia, or physical symptoms like tremors is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business.

A good designer— or a well-educated DIYer-/ will know not take shortcuts in any of these important areas. A pretty website is nice but a pretty and effective one is better!

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